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Using joomla since day 1 I often re-use a lot of joomla components over and over. There are a lot of components that give Joomla the power to be the best CMS on market today. Here are the most useful components I used in the years for building sites. Of course the list is not exhaustive. I do not claim to have used all components and also I will not include any commercial components in this list. Commercial components will make another list . The list is not in a specific order, the components are all good and mainly from different areas – so it would be hard to compare them to each other..

Anyone may write and distribute a Joomla! extension. As a service to the global community, this freedom is actively encouraged and supported by the Joomla! Core team. Due to the openness and popularity of the Joomla! project, there are a wide variety of extensions offering a vast array of features. The quality and breadth of Joomla! extensions is one of the main advantages of Joomla.
Depending on the security configuration of your Web server the recommended default permissions of 755 for directories and 644 for files should be reasonably secure.
Modifying the $mosConfig_host to an IP Address of a remote host works for hosts that have separate MySQL servers from the client hosting servers.
The Joomla! Administrator's Security Checklist is a concise selection of the best tips and tricks from the many contributors in the Joomla Security Forums. Review this list BEFORE you install Joomla for the first time.
Search engine ranking AND your competitor's for each of your keywords every week.
Do this for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista at the minimum.
Beberapa Module module yang dapat dipakai untuk melihat statistik pengunjung pada web kita ada banyak sekali.
Joomla - Component: Create Hello World Component on Front End

I follow undocumented rule, learn programming for first time by creating "Hello World" page. I will show you how to create component Hello World. It realy easy.
Remote file inclusion, commonly known as RFI is a form of attack where the attacker trys to inject there own php code inside your php app's. If an attacker can successfully achieve this they will be able to execute any code they wish on your webserver.

Joomla Newsflash Modules Tutorial
Ketika menciptakan sebuah isi content di dalam module, category atau section, kita bisa mencipakan sebuah kaliamat pembuka awal, dan selanjutnya memilih readmore untuk isi selanjutnya.
If you can actually have these show up in your browser then you have a problem. What is happening is that Joomla will happily process both URL's, with and without the www.
"Is that bad?" you now ask.
The Joomla! community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla! 1.5.1 [Seenu]. Since the stable release of Joomla! 1.5 we have seen huge numbers of downloads which has helped to push the total number of downloads to over 3 million in less than a year.

Now here are 10 easy, cheap ways to improve your SEO.

Teman teman pasti sudah pernah, mungkin sering mendengar SEO SEF, Bahasa pasarannya, SEO adalah optimasi halaman web agar mudah dikenali oleh search engine. biasanya melalu meta tag keyword, description, robot.

VirtueMart is also affected by this bug. The problem is indeed a wrong order of the calls to initSessionAdmin and doGzip at the end of the file /administrator/index2.php.
Download here Live Users Pro is joomla module for probably one the most advanced "Who Is Online" modules for Joomla. Having started as a modification of the original Live Users Module it is a complete new program by now.
Mosets Tree is a directory component for Mambo. It can be used to run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Mambo website
Joomap is a sitemap component for Joomla that shows the normal Menu Structure, Content Categories, Sections and Virtuemart Categories in a hierarchical list
Fireboard is fully integrated forum solution for joomla, no bridges, no hacking core files.
Tutorial module Login Joomla
Jika kita ingin memperbanyak member site kita,sehingga kita bisa mengetahui seberapa banyak user yang telah register di site kita, kia dapat menggunakan suatu trik, memaksa pengunjung untuk melakukan registrasi.
astatsPRO gives you most statistics you would get from cPanel's Awstats and similar and presents the data in a decent way. User agent, OS, Referrer, uniques, page impressions etc.
A simple newsletter component with subscriber management and HTML/image embedding capabilities.
Dengan Joomla kita bisa membuat suatu page yang isinya adalah menu menu untuk download. buat temen temen yang demen dengan affiliate program, itung itung bisa nabung dari hasil pay per click. cukup gunakan component com_d3000 bisa di download di sini

Agar website kita bisa dikenal oleh search engine, mungkin kalau eloe selaku webmaster akan memerhatikan script saat pembuatan website nya, SEO (Search Engine Optimation). Banyak kok, contoh-contoh scripts untuk SEO.
Club Template Business Look can give your business site a modern design look and feel. You have the choice of your own background and background color to fit the colors of your identity. The entire template is laid out in PNGs so shadows, overlays, etc. will lay right on top of your background image/color.
Use a WordPress Blog in a subdirectory of your Joomla installation the Improve the Search Engine Visibility of your Website.
The information provided in this document is critical to stopping these attacks and must be taken into immediate consideration.
1. Read Me First!
1. There's no free lunch! Don't be fooled by Joomla's award-winning easy of use. Maintaining a secure, dynamic Web site on the open Internet is not easy. Security requires continual watchfullness and effort.


Joomla!Joomla is an open source content management system referred by tens of thousands as the best CMS in the world.

This Tutorial how you Installing Joomla Components Modules Templates
joomla submit users are allowed to submit contents.
Tutorial Joomla Generate Flickr API Key
This tutorial will show you how to add a URL link menu item to your Joomla site
Tutorial kali ini membuat tulisan berjalan di joomla
Sedikit tutorial, dari tentang keuntungan menggunakan "read more" atau “Click to continue”
Joomla dapat menggunakan satu atau dua baris/kolom pada tampilan web joomla
Backup joomla anda, sebelum anda harus bekerja keras
Untuk Menciptakan Template Joomla,
Tutorial menciptakan content pada menu baru
Merubah tampilan template joomla
Sudah sejauh aman kah joomla anda..?
Minimum Requirement untuk instalasi Joomla
JOOMLA installation can not be completed:
Saya akan sedikit berbagi tutorial bagaimana saya mendesain web dengan joomla
Joomla, register_global=OFF Siapa Takut
Kita dapat menciptakan sebuah forum didalam web joomla kita
Mungkin kita untuk teknis design suatu website sedikit paham, tapi sebelumnya kita harus berangkat dari sebuah plan dulu
Masih ragu menggunkanan CMS dalam mendesain web..?
Setelah kita Registrasi ke Provider Hostingan kita, selanjutnya yang dilakukan adalah :
Tutorial untuk menghemat bandwith ketika cek e-mail
Anda tidak perlu Upload manual, jika menggunakan CMS, berikut tutorialnya
Beberapa teman saya yang jauh lebih mahir dalam membuat website, mengatakan masih enggan memakai joomla
Biasanya webstite Menyediakan fasilitas untuk tanya jawab, mengisi komentar, makian juga sering joomla tutorial
Bosen nyari nyari module yang bisa di download free..? khusus buat teman teman yang tahu sedikit bahasa pemograman script, nda usah banyak pengetahuan untuk ini Cool
Kemaren ada pemirsa yang bertanya, kenapa joomla menjadi pilihan CMS ku, dan isi blog ini tutorialnya kok hanya tutorial joomla melulu. tapi berhubung dia itu bulek, aku terpaksa buat postingan bahasa inggris, moga tutorial ini berguna, koreksi ya kalau ada yang salah

Aku yakin, dalam hal membuat suatu website, kamu lebih dari aku.

Tutorial menghasilkan uang dari joomla
Tutorial Agar web joomla dikenal google - Tutorial Joomla Security Checklist - Tutorial Free PageRank For Joomla - Tutorial Remote File Inclusion - Tutorial halaman Download joomla - Enggan Makai Joomla ..? - Anda Sudah Registrasi ? - Tutorial hacked websites and hacking attempts - Tutorial Menggunakan JOOMLA - Tutorial "Click to continue" "Read More" - Tutorial Forum joomla - Tutorial Install Joomla - Tutorial JOOMLA installation uncompleted: - Tutorial Mengapa harus dengan Joomla
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Tutorial menciptakan content pada menu baru
joomla tutorial

joomla tutorial

Pilih Button New pada banner

joomla tutorial

Ketikkan Judul, serta isikan deskripsi isi dari content

joomla tutorial

joomla tutorial

Agar Content yang sudah kita ciptakan ada pada menu bar site kita, maka dari Menu manager, Main menu, kita ciptakan menu baru

joomla tutorial

Setelah Menu itu terbuat, maka "refresh" web kita, content baru akan terlihat, ketika kita click menu Content baru

joomla tutorial
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